Educational Resources

Above all, HROC seeks to educate the public about the perils of task saturation, and effective means to reduce its adverse impact.
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Instructor-led Training Sessions

  • Executive-Level Seminar (2 hours)
  • One-Day Team Overview of How to Recognize and Address Task Saturation
  • Organizational Transformation (2 month project)


[Note that tools are awarded via grant from HROC Grant, wherein partners will waive license fees for a restricted license to those that qualify toward the HROC mission of Public Safety, Scientific Study, or Education (e.g. Publication)]

  • No-cost tools not requiring support (e.g. Checklists, Excel tools) available to basic members
  • Tools that requiring some level of support and maintenance (e.g. Smartphone App) via subscription fee

Studies and Partner Best Practices

Please visit our Partners page and Publications page to learn best practices toward achieving higher reliability and better human performance.